Sunday, March 1, 2009


The word cookie comes from the Dutch work koekje which means small cake. And it was what the very first cookie were. Drops of cake batter were used to test the heat of the oven. Cookies come in different size, shapes and textures.
Different types of Cookies :
BARS - cookie batter is spread in a pan then baked. After baking they are cooled then cut into bars.
DROP – cookie batter is dropped by teaspoonfuls into cookie sheets.
REFRIGERATOR – cookie dough is formed into a log and then chilled. After chilling it is sliced thinly and baked.
ROLLED – cookie dough is chilled for easier handling them rolled out with a rolling pin, cut into different shapes and baked.
MOLDED – cookie dough is shaped by hand after chilling or pressed ino ready-made cookie mold.

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