Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Basic Utensils and Equipment in Baking

OVEN – The most important equipment in baking. It is an enclosed structure heated by electricity, gas, or charcoal.
GRADUATED MEASURING CUPS – are usually made of glass or plastic and are used for measuring liquids.
INDIVIDUAL MEASURING CUPS – are usually made of aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic and are used for measuring dry ingredients.
MEASURING SPOONS – used for measuring small amounts of ingredients.
MIXING BOWL - used for holding and mixing ingredients.
SIFTER – is usually made of wire mesh or fine plastic screen that sieves dry ingredients. Flour is usually sifted first before measuring to incorporate air into it.
WOODEN MIXING SPOONS, SCRAPES – use for mixing, choose the most convenient for you to use. Scraper is used to removed sticky ingredients from cups and sides of bowls and pushes batter to baking pans.
BAKING PANS – used to contain the batter while baking. Proper size and shape can affect the quality of the baked goods.
COOLING WIRE RACKS – these are important for cooling baked goods to prevent “wetting” or “steaming” of the bottom crust.
MIXERS – may be electric mixer or rotary egg beater. This will shorten the preparation time for baked goods specially icings.
TIMER – comes very handy to you as a beginner s it reminds you to check on the mixing or baking time.
OVEN THERMOMETER – gives the temperature inside the oven.
WIRE WHIP – this is a cluster of still wires used to egg whites and cream.

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