Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things to Remember to Produce a Quality Baked Goodies

Have a good quality ingredients. Check ingredients for any sign of deterioration or spoilage, better check the expiration dates.
Measure ingredients accurately. Remember that recipes have been prepared based on a standard proportions of the different ingredients. Measure the needed ingredients before starting the recipe.
Follow proper mixing procedures. Remember to consider the following sequence of addition of ingredients, length of mixing, temperature of mixing and method of mixing.
Use the specified size of baking pans stated in the recipe. This is important because proper use of pans will produce the desired volume of baked goods.
Set correct oven temperature and time during baking. This will safeguard your product from being underbaked or overbaked. Be sure the oven is pre-heated to the right temperature before you place the batter in the oven.
Observe good sanitation practice. Important to prevent contamination and spoilage of product and insuring its safety and good taste.

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