Friday, February 20, 2009

Measuring Ingredients

One of the keys to successful baking is the correct measurement of ingredients. One should not only follow the amounts stated in a recipe but also measure them in the right way. Dry and liquid ingredients are measured differently.

* Sugar and all-purpose flour are measured by dipping the cups on to the container until filled then leveling it off with a spatula. For cake flour and powder sugar, are spooned onto the cup then leveled off.
* Liquid ingredients are poured into the spouted glass measuring cups places on a flat surface. Measurement is read at eye level.
* Small quantities of dry and liquid ingredients are measured using spoons. Dry ingredients are leveled off with a spatula.
* Shortening is measured by pressing down firmly into the measuring cups to make sure there are no air spaces.
* Brown sugar is also packed firmly to ensure proper measurement. When the cup is inverted the measured sugar should retain the shape of the cup.
* Butter need not be measured in cups. One bar of butter us already 1 cup so if you need ½ cup just divide the bar into 2, for 1/3 into 3, and so on.

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