Sunday, February 22, 2009

Techniques in Baking

After learning the different ingredients and utensils used in baking, you can now familiarize to the different techniques in baking. These techniques or methods have their specific purpose, so it is wise to follow what the recipe requires.
CREAMING – Rub one or more ingredients together against the sides of the bowl with a wooden spoon or mixer to make the mixture soft and fluffy.
BEATING/WHIPPING – A fork, wire whip, wooden spoon or mixer can be used to make a mixture smooth, or to introduce air by a brisk, regular motion that lifts the mixture over and over.
CUTTING IN – Cut shorting into cubes and put them into the bowl with the flour using a pastry blender. You can also use two knives, by making rapid criss-cross motion into the shortening. The lumps of shortening will be cut about the size of peas, coated with flour.
FOLDING ( cut and fold ) – Combine ingredients by using two motion: cutting vertically through the mixture and turning over by sliding the scraper across the bottom of the bowl with each turn.
KNEADING – Work and press the dough with palms and heels of the hands. This develop the gluten and makes the dough smooth and elastic.

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